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Passenger Services

We are proud and happy to be able to present to the service of our passengers in all our flights as Atlasjet the quality of service, and flight security starting from the date 01.06.2001 when we first started our flights. Our aim is to continue with high quality services in new and different pathways..

You will enjoy the opportunity to make use of the Atlasjet class of quality and services thanks to our comfortable leather covered seats, carefully selected meals and beverages, and the VIDEO AUDIO System which you can use for information but also for entertainment purposes all throughout your flight. Your safe flight made possible thanks to our experienced cockpit crew shall become more enjoyable with the extraordinary service provided by our flight crew all carrying smiling faces.

As Atlasjet we believe in the quality of services not only in the air but also on the ground before and after the flights hoping to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, our Ground Operation Department is running frequent inspections regularly for the services provided by companies of ground services for our company (check-in, boarding, ramp services etc.) meet the expectations of our esteemed customers as well as the quality of our company.

AIn addition, we have introduced EASY BOARDING System to provide maximum comfort and use for our valuable customers like yourselves and this system is executed at all the stations we are operative with great care and success.

We have thought of greatest details and prepare our services taking solely into account the requirements of you, our esteemed customers, so that our passengers traveling in our aircraft can enjoy the Atlasjet service quality in full. We show maximum attention for special requirements of our passengers and therefore have made it of utmost priority to provide necessary support for our special customers like pregnant, sick and child passengers who need utmost attention and to provide all of our passengers the Atlasjet comfort and quality all throughout the flight.


Providing development and continuity of the training system created to meet the requirements of JAR-OPS and JAR-FCL in order to keep flight and ground security at top level.
Development and implementation of training programs supporting the vision, mission, targets and quality policy of the company.
Increasing flight efficiency by constructive training.
Selection and training of professional staff supported by modern operational training equipment and regular up-dates within our training system according to developments in the aviation sector.

Training Policy

B757-200 Type Orientation Course
B757-200 TRI/SFI, TRE/SFE Training
A 320/321 Type Orientation Course
MCC (Multiple Crew Cooperation) Training
Dangerous Goods
Quality Systems Orientation Course
DOMESTIC Systems Audit Course
Documentation Course
EFQM Model Training
Self Evaluation Course
Passenger Relations Seminar

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